SplashID Key Safe

SplashID Key Safe secures your passwords on a USB key for use on any PC or Mac. An addition to your key chain that provides a lifetime of avoided headaches.

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A lifetime subscripton for SplashID Pro is included with each Key Safe ordered! SECURITY FOR LIFE

SplashID Key Safe - Security on the go!

Your passwords are with you wherever you go, and never on the cloud!

SplashID Key Safe is a USB drive with 4 GB of storage space, but it is so much more. A portable version of SplashID comes preinstalled for both Windows and Mac OS. Just plug the key into the USB slot of any computer, enter your password, and SplashID will launch with your data - wherever you may be. Pull the key out, and not a trace of SplashID nor any of your data remains on the computer. Use it as your physical backup of all your passwords and other sensitive data.

SplashID Key Safe Features

Your passwords are with you wherever you go, and never on the cloud.

Key Design

Elegant, durable polished metal design identical to those of a standard door key so that it fits snugly onto your keyring


1 year SplashID Pro backup/sync services included FREE (or choose to upgrade to 2 years, 3 years, or Lifetime)

Lifetime License

The quickest and most secure way to share your valuable information with family and friends.

SplashID Accounts

Also works with existing SplashID accounts (will add 1 year or more to an existing SplashID Pro subscription).

Perfect Gift

Gift friends, family or colleagues a lifetime of password security.

2 Year Guarantee

2 year Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Get a full refund if if you are not satisfied with SplashID Key Safe.

Learn More About the SplashID Password Manager

Secure your passwords in 3 easy steps.



Purchase SplashID Key Safe here. Select your SplashID Pro license and enter the number of SplashID Keys you would like to purchase. Bulk discounts available.




Once you receive the SplashID Key Safe package, read sticker on back of the package. Now proceed to activate your SplashID Key and SplashID Pro license.




After activating your key, creating your SplashID account and confirm verification email, insert SplashID Key Safe into USB slot on Windows or Mac and get started.