SplashID Pro 9

The next generation of the secure and reliable password manager, SplashID Safe, for you and your friends.

Learn how to migrate from SplashID Safe.

Laptop and mobile with Splash ID

How does it work?

Install a desktop or mobile app

Download the SplashID Pro 9 app from here.

SplashID Pro 9 is available on all your favorite mobile devices, laptops, desktops and browsers.

Create your account

Sign up for free with your email address and a master password. Your master password will be used to encrypt all your SplashID records. Make sure it's a good one.

From now on, it's the only password you need to remember!

You can choose to sign up with a Google account or an Apple account also.

Sign in to your account

Sign in with the option you chose during setup. This will be either your email address and master password, or your Google account or your Apple account.

On the first sign in, follow the steps to complete the initial account setup.

Get a Pro license

Get your SplashID Pro 9 license here. You can also buy multiple licenses for your family or friends.

A Pro license gives you unlimited installations, choice of syncing, automated cloud backups, and in built sharing with trusted users.

After signing in to the application, you can manage all your subscriptions in the settings section.

Available on multiple platforms

Install and use SplashID on all your mobiles, tablets and desktops with one Pro license.

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We offer a simple pricing plan for you

Free Plan

Per year
25 records maximum
Use on 1 installation
No sync
No sharing
No automated backups
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Pro Plan

Per year
Billed monthly for $2.99.
Unlimited installations
Unlimited records
Share records with others
Automated cloud sync
Automatic backups
Enhanced analytics
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"A strong password is defined as a password that is reasonably difficult to guess in a short period of time either through human guessing or the use of specialized software."
Morgan Slain
CEO, SplashData
Morgan Slain

Ready to try?

Securely access your account with a method of your choice

Instant, secure access to your valuable information. You'll never have to remember another password again.

You decide how you want to create and store your complex passwords, and other personal information. Use categories, types and tags to organise your information.

Create trusted relationships and groups with family and friends, and share records securely in your trusted circles.

A focused dashboard allows you to get important information on your account. Get an analysis of your records in one place to help you keep your information safe.

Pro users get automated backups. You can view, create backups, securely download them and restore from a backup anytime.

Choose Cloud, or WiFi sync to keep your information synchronised across devices and desktops. If you prefer to not synchronise your information then No sync provides you that option too.

Get started today!

Keep your data safe, secure and available when and where you need it.