SplashID Pro Volume License Program

Whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, the SplashID Pro Volume License Program (VLP) makes it easy to purchase and distribute licenses of SplashID Pro to all your employees. See how it works in our Getting started guide

Step 1: Enroll

Enroll in the SplashID Pro Volume License Program by first entering the number of employees in your organization. You'll be asked to create a SplashID Volume License Program account that will be used to administer the program. Proceed with the purchase to complete the enrollment. After enrollment, you will receive an email with your ID and temporary password.

Step 2: Onboard users

Once you have enrolled, your organization's email domain is volume licensed for SplashID Pro. Employees can download SplashID apps on Apple's iOS App Store, Android Google Play, Windows, Mac or use the SplashID web application. They can sign up using their company email address and will automatically be licensed and can start using SplashID Pro right away. Example: If you purchase 50 licenses and enroll using admin@acme.com, then VLP system allows 50 users with @acme.com email addresses to sign up and get started with SplashID Pro.

Step 3: Administer users

You can log into SplashID Pro Volume License Program admin panel to view the list of provisioned users. At any point, you can de-provision a user. You can also view plan details, upgrade, download, view invoices, update billing information, etc. in the admin panel.

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