Q1. How to start using SplashID Key Safe in 3 easy steps?

Note down your Activation Code

Once you receive the SplashID Key Safe package, read the instructions on the back of the package.

Locate your activation code on a sticker on the front of your SplashID Key Safe package and keep it handy.

Proceed to the next step!

Activate SplashID Key Safe

Now proceed to create your SplashID Pro account, and activate your SplashID Pro licence. The activation code is valid for only one email address.

After activating, check your email inbox and confirm your email address.


Launch SplashID Key Safe app

You are almost there!

Insert your SplashID Key Safe into a USB slot on Windows or Mac and get started.

You might have to use File explorer to launch SplashID Safe from the USB drive in your system.

Use the same email address as provided during activation.

Q2. Where can I learn more about how to use SplashID?

SplashID Safe user guide for
SplashID Safe user guide for

Q3. How can I get support for SplashID Key Safe?

We provide email support for all our SplashID Pro users. You can create a support ticket using the support form given below. Please provide as much details as you can to help in quicker resolution of your problem.

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