Why is SplashID the best password manager?

When it comes to password managers, we know you have a lot of options.
There are a number of good solutions out there, and some we would definitely recommend avoiding.
Here are some reasons we think SplashID stands out as the best password manager for most people.

logo SplashID The Others
Reputation and Reliability Over 16 years of providing password management and data security applications Many are startups with no track record
Customers Over 1 million individual customers plus thousands of business and enterprise customers Few disclosing any customer numbers since they don't want you to know how small they are
Scaling and Flexibility for Business Users Dedicated versions available for teams and enterprise Most have consumer version only or limited options for larger scale use
Native Applications Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10 plus Windows and Mac OS desktop apps Some of those in most cases, and sometimes they are not native apps
Pricing Pay one price for seamless sync and backup across unlimited devices Buy a separate app on every device, or pay for sync separately
Customer Support In-app priority support Email support and they may get back to you this week
Web Access Powerful full featured web app Online password managers have this but with weak or no mobile apps. Mobile apps don't have this.
Sync and Backup Choice of sync and backup options: Cloud, Wi-Fi or local storage Most offer one sync option only or just a backup file
Record Types Built in record types for web logins, credit cards, account numbers, serial numbers, contacts, and many more Most focus on storing web logins only
Customization Categories, types, records, and fields are all customizable Little if any customization supported
Attachments Attach documents or photos to records Few other apps support attachments
Record Sharing Easy to securely share records with family members or business colleagues Difficult or impossible to share records
Icons Choose from hundreds of built-in icons or assign any graphic as a record icon Limited icons to choose from
Design Focus Focus on functionality for users with lots of records Focus on attractive UI and design for casual users
Security Security Info ?
Privacy Privacy Info ?